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EEOA for
Registered Corporations

Industrial sector consumes the largest share of energy in Singapore. To further improve EE in the sector, ECA was amended, requiring registered corporations to carry out periodic EEOAs.

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EEOA Process

While most improvement projects have focused on utility systems, enhancements in process systems have been uncommon. Since process systems often utilize utilities (e.g., steam, chilled water, compressed air) generated by upstream utility systems, improving process systems can reduce demand on utilities. Therefore, a holistic energy assessment should cover interconnected energy-consuming systems (ECSs) to achieve greater EE gains.

The key phases of the EEOA process, as outlined by NEA, Singapore, are shown in the diagram.

EEOA Process for RC.png
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Plan and Scope of Assessment

  • Define assessment boundary and scope.

  • Identify Energy Consuming Systems (ECSs) that consume:
    - Energy commodities totaling at least 80% of the total energy consumption.
    - Energy output from the systems identified above, either directly or indirectly.

  • Map ECSs based on the business process flow and production stream.

  • Collect relevant information and data.

Measurement and Analysis of ECSs Performance

  • Develop a data measurement plan and evaluate data reliability.

  • Perform engineering calculations and estimations of ECS material and energy flows.

  • Conduct an energy-mass balance (EMB) analysis between and within ECSs.

Potential EEOs Identification

  • Identify and evaluate all potential Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEOs).

  • Perform benchmarking.

  • Evaluate design and configuration options to meet system needs.

  • Conduct data analysis.

  • Consider future operational changes.

Feasibility Evaluation and Findings Report

  • Cost-benefit analysis (e.g., energy savings, financial savings, and GHG emissions abatement)

  • Implementation strategy of shortlisted EEOs

  • Final EEOA report for submission to NEA, Singapore

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Guiding You To Optimal Efficiency

EES consistently supports our clients throughout their energy efficiency improvement projects. We are committed to assisting our clients with future EEOA submissions.
For New Venture projects, we guide clients through the EEOA process and assist with report submission during the Planning Permission stage.

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Ask Us Questions!

Harnessing our deep expertise in energy management and compliance with the NEA requirements, we focus on delivering impactful solutions for the industrial sector.

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