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LISEGA SE Pipe Support Inspection

Piping Can Never Be Better Than The Support

LISEGA is the world's leading specialist for industrial pipe support system and they have the most comprehensive modular pipe support (16,000 standardized items) that provide technical solutions for all typical industrial applications. In early 2020, EES became the distributor for LISEGA products in the power industry and we are providing complimentary visual inspection for all the power plants in Malaysia.

Pipes Support
LISEGA Pipe Support: Service
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Products and Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

LISEGA Pipe Support: Services
Group 1 Constant Hanger.png

Constant Hangers and Constant Support

Group 2 Spring Hanger.jpeg

Spring Hangers and Spring Support

Group 3 Snubbers.jpg

Dynamic Components

Group 4 Pipe clamps.png

Pipe Clamps, Clamp Bases, Pipe Connections

Group 5 Horrizontal support.png

Roller bearings, pipe saddles and cryogenic pipe supports

Group 6 connections.png

Connection components

Group 7 Special components.png

Structural attachments, slide plates


LICAD Software

Workers at Gas Plant

Services By LISEGA

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