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Energy Management

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Energy Management: Welcome

Energy Monitoring System

Make Energy Savings Effortless with OPTENDA

By digitally recording and visualizing energy consumption data, OPTENDA enable a detailed overview of energy usage.

The software is user-friendly, with numerous analysis and evaluation functions that quickly identify areas for improvement within your company.

OPTENDA is easily accessible through a conventional internet browser, eliminating the need for additional installations. It enables CO2 emissions reduction, promotes energy efficiency, and fosters sustainability, paving the way for a responsible and cost-effective approach to energy consumption.

Energy Monitor
Energy Management: Welcome
Real Time Monitoring System

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

Real-time monitoring and analysis for enhanced operational efficiency, offering valuable insights for optimized processes.

Energy and Data Recording

Records All Types of Energy

Eliminating the need for manual recording and evaluation, resulting in significant time and effort savings.

Flexible Dashboard

Flexible Design of Dashboard

Individual users can flexibly create custom views and evaluations according to their specific needs.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Number of User Accounts

User accounts can be created based on organizational structures, with specified access rights for seamless collaboration.

Measuring Points

Unlimited Number of Measuring Points

There is no limit to the number of measurement and data points in OPTENDA. Users can create additional measuring points at no extra cost.

ISO 50001

Conforms to ISO 50001 Requirement

OPTENDA fulfills the criteria for certification as an energy management system.

Energy Management: Team

Features & Functions

Get an overview of OPTENDA Energy Monitor's key functions at a glance.

Bar Chart

Analysis Functions

Various analysis functions in the Energy Monitor enable detailed evaluation of the energy consumption. The individual visualizations make potential savings directly visible.

  • Load Analysis

  • Consumption Chart

  • Permanent Characteristic

  • Head map / Grid Chart

  • Scatterplot

  • Sankey Diagram 


To quantify the energy status of a company, OPTENDA allows the creation of custom key figures. These key figures enable the calculation and comparison of different consumption metrics, providing a clearer understanding of energy usage. With the user-friendly calculation rule editor, creating new key figures is a breeze, eliminating the need for complex Excel programming.

Data Analyst

Multivariate Regression Analysis

With the multivariate regression analysis, you can quickly and easily check possible influencing factors on energy consumption. At the same time, the success of savings measures can be proven. The regression analysis in the Energy Monitor is based on the specifications of ISO 50001:2018.

Manual Data Collection

If not all measuring devices and meters are digitized (yet) and therefore cannot be integrated into the Energy Monitor, the data can still easily be added manually. With the help of a QR code on the corresponding measuring device, which links directly to the data entry mask in the software, the consumption data can be recorded manually in just a few steps.

QR Code
Energy Management: Projects

Expansion Modules

Design the OPTENDA Energy Monitor according to your needs: With the optionally available expansion modules, you can easily meet your company's requirements for efficient and effective energy management.

Energy Management: Projects

ISO 50001 Module

Easily get ISO 50001 certification from the Energy Monitor's ISO 50001 module.

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