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Root Cause Identification

The Root Cause Analysis System SR::EAGLE is used to pin-point root causes of abnormalities existing in processes. It is used for guiding the operators in a continuous manner to enable them to run the plant efficiently as well as attend any problem in time. An abnormal condition is diagnosed by monitoring the deviations of the related process/calculated variables from the normal values. SR::EAGLE is interfaced to the online data to perform diagnosis of the system and individual equipment.

In simplified terms, SR::EAGLE is based on a tree structure with an undesired event at the top. The possible causes of this event form the roots of the tree. Between the causes and the undesired event there are logic operations. Similar event trees have been used for the root cause analysis in power plants for quite some time. However, the classic event trees will only work if there is no more than one cause responsible for an undesired event. In reality, though, this is often not the case. Therefore SR::EAGLE is able to simultaneously evaluate several causes as well as the degree of their contribution to an event. Thus the software solution can also be applied for e.g. complex event trees that include the contribution of causes from various parts of a power plant.

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