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We offer personalized assistance with all aspects of energy, carbon, and sustainability management. You can identify areas for energy balance optimization by using the constant visibility into energy and CO2 balances provided by our software solutions for Energy Management Information Systems. This reduces your energy consumption over time—and in many cases, with no initial outlay!

We also offer services such as the implementation of an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, the development of a customized measurement strategy for your energy consumption, and advice and configuration of the appropriate measurement technology. We also help you with the entire carbon management process, from emissions tracking to compensation measure implementation.

OPTENDA is a subsidiary of the energy company STEAG and is headquartered in Stuttgart. EES Consultants is the official Singapore and Malaysian partner for STEAG Energy Services Germany, which has 80 years of experience in power plant construction, operation, and ownership. The objective is to assist local plants with digitalization and technological advancement in energy and carbon management.

OPTENDA Energy Monitoring System: Services
Business Meeting

Energy Monitor

Energy Management Information System

OPTENDA is occupied with the energy management system information system (EMIS) and has proven it can help in supporting the users in achieving the certification of ISO 50001 (Energy Management System). Hence, OPTENDA became the first choice of the commercial and industrial sectors as this software also covered Carbon Monitoring Software and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

Industrial Smoke

Carbon Monitor

Carbon Management

The importance of sustainability and climate protection is growing. Companies can no longer avoid these challenges that come with it. As a result, operational Carbon management is becoming more important and EES is ready to help you through OPTENDA.

OPTENDA Energy Monitoring System: Services
Business Meeting

Unlimited Number of Users

Depending on structures and processes, any number of user accounts can be created. Specifiable access rights enable uncomplicated collaboration.

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