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CO2 Monitoring System

The Key to a Successful Climate Strategy

OPTENDA's CO2 Monitor simplifies the process of tracking your company's CO2 emissions and creating a customized greenhouse gas reduction plan.

Effective CO2 management has become essential due to various factors:

  • Legal obligations and guidelines necessitate setting climate targets.

  • Increasing environmental consciousness and customer demand for climate-neutral offerings.

  • Transparency throughout the value chain requires suppliers to address CO2 management.

  • CO2 pricing has a growing impact on energy expenses.

These interconnected factors directly influence a company's competitiveness.

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Carbon footprint according to GHG  Protocol

Carbon Footprint - GHG Protocol

The software utilizes GHG Protocol structure to track greenhouse gas emissions and categorize them into scopes 1-3. With the software's CO2 balance sheet, you can effortlessly manage all relevant data. Once the data is inputted, the software generates visually appealing PDF reports with clear diagrams and tables.


CO2 Balance Is In Place - What Is The Next Step?

Energy and CO2 Management Hand in Hand

Reducing energy consumption can greatly reduce a company's CO2 emissions. To achieve this sustainably, a detailed overview of the energy flows in the company is necessary to increase efficiency and match energy use to demand.

Do you want to improve your company's carbon footprint?

Then definitely take a look at our energy management software Energy Monitor.

CO2 Management: About
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