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Boiler Cleaning Management System
(Soot Blowing Management)

Soot blowing is a procedure that is necessary for cleaning heating surfaces in coal-fired steam generators. In the long term, optimum use of soot blowing improves plant performance and increases efficiency. The module SR::BCM helps you optimize the required cleaning of your steam generator. SR::BCM utilizes fuzzy technology to analyze all influential variables simultaneously and determine the optimum use of soot blowing. EBSILON uses a detailed boiler model to calculate the current state of fouling of the heating surfaces. This boiler model provides for a precise evaluation of the heating surfaces as well as simulation calculations. Simulation calculations can optionally provide other soot blowing criteria (e.g., hot-reheat injection flow after cleaning a heating surface).

The advantages at a glance:

  • SR::BCM can control soot blowing automatically by means of a closed-loop process.

  • The SR::x display makes it possible to display data relevant to soot blowing in a clearly understood manner. The user can predefine diagrams so that simple analysis can be performed quickly.

  • External systems (sensor or camera-based) can easily be integrated into the soot blowing strategy.

  • The blowing strategy can be adapted to different fuels.

  • Operators have flexibility in making configuration changes back to Overview.

Soot Blowing Management System SR::BCM: About
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