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Combustion Optimization PiT Navigator: Video

PiT Navigator

AI-Based Combustion Control & Optimization System

PiT Navigator is a modular software system designed to optimize technical processes, particularly combustion processes. It enhances existing control systems by employing advanced model-predictive control methods for complex processes. This includes the utilization of data-based process models to anticipate process behavior. With this approach, PiT Navigator can proactively respond even before the process measurement technology detects a change in the controlled process variable.

Combustion Optimization PiT Navigator: Text

The Self-Optimization Process Control Solution

PiT Navigator is a high-level Advanced Process Control (APC) system, optimizing operations even under suboptimal conditions. Based on sophisticated process models (artificial neural networks) it continuously computes optimized settings for active mills and the combustion system. These refined settings seamlessly integrate with the DCS to adjust the original set-points.

PiT Navigator is well-suited for a range of industries, including thermal power plants, waste incineration plants, and cement plants. While these sectors all rely on technical firings, the purposes of combustion vary. With PiT Navigator, you can trust that your combustion processes are in capable hands.

Power Plant.jpg
Cement Plant.png

Thermal Power Plants

Plant Requirements:

  • Optimum fuel utilization

  • Emission minimization (especially CO and NOx)

  • Diverse fuel compatibility

PiT Navigator Solutions:

  • Reduction of temperature imbalance

  • Reduction of CO, NOx, and CO2 emissions

  • Reduction of the metal temperature excursions

Waste Incineration Plants

Plant Requirements:

  • Stable operation despite fluctuating waste properties

  • Maximum burnout (Inertization)

  • Maximization of throughput

PiT Navigator Solutions:

  • Stabilization of steam generation

  • Reduction of the consumption of auxiliary fuel

  • Increase of waste throughput

  • Reduction of emission peaks (CO and NOx)

  • Automatic response to problems with unburned organic matter

Cement Plants

Plant Requirements:

  • Consistent product quality meeting specifications

  • Reduction of specific energy consumption and NOx emissions

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel costs with alternatives

PiT Navigator Solutions:

  • Lower specific energy consumption without compromising material quality

  • Continuous prediction of key process parameter of FCaO content

  • Consistent product quality and production stability

  • Reduced emissions and fuel consumption

Combustion Optimization PiT Navigator: Projects

Turning Visions Into Victories: Our Project Success Stories

The features of PiT Navigator enhance the efficiency of technical combustion processes by minimizing deviations from predefined parameters. This allows for closer adherence to process limits and optimal utilization of existing system technology. Additionally, it enhances fuel efficiency, leading to cost savings. Historically, projects implementing PiT Navigator have seen payback periods of less than a year.

We have unwavering confidence in PiT Navigator and consistently showcase its measurable process improvements in each project. Our track record of success includes:

Power Plant Combustion.png

Increase Steam Generator Efficiency & Plant Operations

Metal Furnace

Reduce Specific Energy Consumption 
(Furnace & Mills)

Cement Industry.jpg

Lower Emission
(> 50% fewer CO-peaks, 3% less NOx)

Waste Incineration_edited.jpg

Reduce Fluctuation of Steam
(nearly 50% fewer control deviations)

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