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Achieve Net Zero with CO2 Monitor Software

The Key to a Successful Climate Strategy

When it comes to achieving impactful greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, a key element is the underlying strategy. OPTENDA CO2 management software, CO2 Monitor, serves as the perfect tool for this task. From seamlessly generating your company's current CO2 balance to expertly devising a tailored GHG reduction plan, CO2 Monitor can handle it all.

  • Record & balance GHG emissions
    Effortless, secure, and in compliance with official standards

  • Successfully develop & execute savings strategies
    Customized to meet your company's unique requirements

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A Step Towards
CO2 Neutrality

Achieving a CO2-neutral value chain is a complex goal for any company. To start, an overview of current emissions is crucial, forming the initial step. This involves recording and incorporating all relevant emissions into a comprehensive CO2 balance sheet. Subsequent phases include analyzing and addressing individual areas contributing to CO2 emissions. Any remaining emissions can be offset through initiatives like supporting climate protection projects or securing energy from renewable sources

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CO2 Balance at Your Fingertips

The Foundation for Effective CO2 Management

The CO2 Balance Sheet in the OPTENDA's CO2 Monitor Software is structured in accordance with the established GHG Protocol, classifying company emissions into direct and indirect categories, encompassing the entire value chain from Scope 1 to Scope 3. This framework serves as the optimal basis for developing customized CO2 reduction strategies aligned with the specific needs of your company.

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Generate Your CO2 Balance Report with A Click

Fast . Simple . Effective

Utilizing the CO2 Monitor, you can seamlessly generate the required CO2 balance directly within the software. The output can be exported in a user-friendly format, complete with diagrams, charts, and tables, conveniently saved in PDF format.

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CO2 Management: About Us

OPTENDA CO2 Monitor's Features



Categorize emissions within your value chain as per the recognized GHG Protocol, distinguishing between Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.


Strategize and address your company's climate goals in mitigating carbon emissions and progressing towards a net zero journey.


Track and assess your company's CO2 emissions alongside its reduction progress aligned with predefined target values.


Gain a comprehensive overview of your CO2 emissions categorized by emission scopes and receive a detailed report in PDF format.

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OPTENDA Enhances Your Success in the Decarbonization Journey

OPTENDA CO2 Monitor's Credibility

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual calculations for CO2 emissions or savings! The CO2 Monitor makes sustainability management efficient and easy.
Explore all the benefits of the software at a glance here.

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Carbon footprint according to GHG  Protocol

Carbon Footprint - GHG Protocol

The software utilizes GHG Protocol structure to track greenhouse gas emissions and categorize them into Scopes 1-3. With the software's CO2 balance sheet, you can effortlessly manage all relevant data. Once the data is inputted, the software generates visually appealing PDF reports with clear diagrams and tables.

CO2 Balance Is In Place - What Is The Next Step?

Energy and CO2 Management Hand in Hand

Reducing energy consumption can greatly reduce a company's CO2 emissions. To achieve this sustainably, a detailed overview of the energy flows in the company is necessary to increase efficiency and match energy use to demand.

Do you want to improve your company's carbon footprint?

Then definitely take a look at our energy management software Energy Monitor.

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OPTENDA: Your Essential Tool for Navigating Energy and CO2 Management
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