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Thermodynamic Simulation Software

EBSILON®Professional is a system that simulate thermodynamic cycle processes with high precision and due to its broad flexibility, it can simulate virtually any thermodynamic cycle process. The possible advantages you can get from this software are:

  • Simulate any newly installed component in the cycle

  • With advanced calculation system, various load cases, component contamination impact and environmental conditions factor can be calculated.

  • With known specific parameters, the performance of the plant can be simulated and optimization of your application scenario can be done

EBSILON Professional: About
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EBSILON Professional: Services

Extensive Component Library

Modelling errors will be shown in the simulation and guidance will be given through the circuit until all errors have been cleared. Online help function is available to provides extensive information on the funcionts and add-on modules.

Intuitive modeling with graphical user interface (GUI)

  • User friendly interface for manoeuver

  • Macros defining function

  • Clarity of the model

  • Individualize display and structure of component

  • Shortcut defining

  • Available at different language

Material library for fuels and working fluids

  • Wide range of working fluids such as Thermal oils, REFPROP and user-defined fluids are available

  • Fuels such as coal, oil and gas

Open Software Architecture and Efficient Interfaces

  • Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL)

  • MS Excel Interface

  • OLE Interface EbsOpen

Powerful Calculation Module and Solution Algorithm

  • Able to simulate model with 1100 components and 1400 lines in 2.5 seconds

  • Extensive convergence analysis tools are used and able to optimize convergence behavior

  • More than 20 years of development

Results and Analysis Conveniently Displayed

Results can be displayed in several ways:

  • MS Excel (Value tables or user-defined diagrams)

  • HTML syntax with EbsHTML

  • Convergence and controller diagrams

  • Value crosses, text and alarm fields in circuit

  • State diagrams:Q,s ; T,s ; p,h ; H,xi

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