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Thermodynamic Simulation Software

EBSILON Professional: Welcome

The Innovative Planning Tool for Your Plant

EBSILON®Professional is a highly precise system for simulating thermodynamic cycle processes, offering exceptional flexibility to model virtually any cycle process. It plays a crucial role in optimizing your entire plant, from initial planning and design to performance optimization.

EBSILON®Professional accurately computes plant performance and efficiency across a broad spectrum of operating conditions. It guides you through feasibility studies and intricate design phases, aiding in critical decision-making within the planning process. Using physical equations, polynomials, and characteristic curves as its foundation, the tool offers limitless modeling possibilities.

EBSILON Professional: Feature

What EBSILON®Professional Has in Store For You?

The Right Design Makes All the Difference 

EBSILON Professional: Services

Conceptual Design

EBSILON®Professional not only simulates part integration but also calculates wear and contamination effects due to varying efficiency, environmental conditions, and loads. It helps evaluate repowering or retrofitting benefits and timing.
The tool includes standard working fluids, user-defined fluids, and compatible fuels. It boasts a detailed coal database with chemical compositions and calorific values by source.

Detailed Design

Constructing and modifying energy and power plant systems requires precision planning and early performance testing. EBSILON®Professional allows you to model thermodynamic cycle processes and design entire power plants on your computer.
The tool includes calculation modules to define models. In design mode, input parameters determine design conditions, mapping your cycle's topology. The design mirrors your plant, with data automatically validated. This process is reliable and robust, supported by a universal calculation approach and a powerful solution algorithm.

Acceptance Test

Power plants undergo rigorous testing before becoming operational. This critical phase assesses the performance and safety of every plant component and the entire system. Environmental conditions and load scenarios are scrutinized, with data displayed and evaluated in real time. EBSILON®Professional excels at identifying sources of efficiency issues and revealing potential financial losses.


For power plant operators, the primary challenge lies in maximizing availability while maintaining performance as close to optimal as possible. However, defining what optimal performance entails precisely is often a complex task.
EBSILON®Professional addresses this challenge by estimating the likely optimum performance level. Its thermodynamic model incorporates all relevant variables and conducts real-time calculations. Furthermore, EBSILON®Professional can detect even minor deviations between the model and the actual plant, allowing for early corrective actions.

Optimal Planning, Optimal Operation

Achieve Boundless Details with EBSILON®Professional 

Extensive Component Library

Modelling errors will be shown in the simulation and guidance will be given through the circuit until all errors have been cleared. Online help function is available to provides extensive information on the funcionts and add-on modules.

Intuitive Modeling with Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • User friendly interface for maneuver

  • Macros defining function

  • Clarity of the model

  • Individualize display and structure of component

  • Shortcut defining

  • Available at different language

Material Library for Fuels and Working Fluids

  • Wide range of working fluids such as Thermal oils, REFPROP and user-defined fluids are available

  • Fuels such as coal, oil and gas

Open Software Architecture and Efficient Interfaces

  • Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL)

  • MS Excel Interface

  • OLE Interface EbsOpen

Powerful Calculation Module and Solution Algorithm

  • Able to simulate model with 1100 components and 1400 lines in 2.5 seconds

  • Extensive convergence analysis tools are used and able to optimize convergence behavior

  • More than 20 years of development

Results and Analysis Conveniently Displayed

Results can be displayed in several ways:

  • MS Excel (Value tables or user-defined diagrams)

  • HTML syntax with EbsHTML

  • Convergence and controller diagrams

  • Value crosses, text and alarm fields in circuit

  • State diagrams:Q,s ; T,s ; p,h ; H,xi

EBSILON Professional: Services
EBSILON Professional: Testimonials
EBSILON 10_edited.jpg

”It is quite easy to visualize everything already in the planning phase. With the component library and the fluid libraries, I can model the cycle quickly and precisely.“

EBSILON Professional: Image

Go Limitless with EBSILON®Professional

In principal, EBSILON®Professional does not limit the details of the model. 

The interface between EBSILON®Professional and SR::x enables seamless data exchange between the model and the archive.

The combination of EBSILON®Professional and SR::EPOS allows the online calculation model to function offline as well. Should SR::EPOS identify any weaknesses in the power generation process, data from that specific point in time can be sent to EBSILON for thorough offline analysis. 

EBSILON Professional: About


Know-How for Your Company & University

  • We offer training courses for EBSILON®Professional and its add-on modules from beginner to expert level,

  • EBSILON®Professional is highly sought after by global universities, making it a valuable tool for projects, courses, and specialized applications.

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