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Power Plant-EPOS


Real-Time Performance Monitoring System

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: Image
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Seamless Monitoring Solution for Your Plant Processes

SR::EPOS follows a three-tier concept: analyze, optimize, and predict the performance of cost-effective components within a unit. It calculates optimization effects and identifies even minor process deficiencies, all presented in cost terms for easy comparison of process parameter influences.

Concisely, the performance monitoring system SR::EPOS continually monitors and evaluates plant operations, utilizing what-if calculations to simulate and recommend optimal modes, hence, enhancing the overall efficiency in real-time.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: About

SR::EPOS Solves Key Questions:

What's the existing optimization potential for this unit?

When is the most cost-effective time to start recurring measures?

What's the highest electrical power output achievable given current constraints and environmental conditions?

And here's why:

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: Clients

A Precision Planning for Clear Decisions

SR::EPOS doesn't just identify accrued costs; it strategically plans measures for optimization. It provides insights into your system's optimization potential, suggests the most cost-effective times for routine maintenance, and estimates the maximum electrical power output. The results are conveniently summarized in online diagnostics, displaying significant deviations transparently through process illustrations and trend diagrams. You can even export the data to tools like MS Excel for reporting. While immediate action may not always be possible during unit operation, this additional economic insight enhances cost awareness and aids in long-term repair or modification planning.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: About

A Wide Range of SR::EPOS's Compelling Capabilities


Continuously monitor and assess  power plant processes


Determine and model process and component data


Identify optimization opportunities cost-effective timing for routine maintenance


Estimate maximum electrical power under specified conditions

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Enhance plant’s availability

Plant Maintenance.jpg

Optimize plant and maintenance operations

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: Team

SR::EPOS's Convenient Computing Engine


For the comparison of the actual plant operation with the current optimum, a detailed thermodynamic model of the relevant parts of the power plant process is required. This is where EBSILON®Professional steps in.

EBSILON®Professional, serves as the computational backbone of SR::EPOS, allowing for a precise assessment of your plant's performance by comparing operational data with the EBSILON reference model.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: About

Get More with Iqony Solution's SR::Suite

Integrating SR::EPOS with other Iqony Solutions system technologies opens up a world of unlimited benefits for your operation. Explore further and get in touch with us!

Real-Time Performance Monitoring SR::EPOS: About
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