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Data Management System

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The Central Component of All
SR-Online System

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SR::x is a powerful data management system with which numerical data from different sources can be processed very easily and efficiently. Operating data from control systems and other source systems is cyclically decoupled and transferred to the data management system, where it is archived as time series. The data can be compressed into higher, defined time classes (quarter hourly, hourly, daily, monthly values, etc.) and be called from connected systems. Availability of the data history is limited only by the hard disk capacity of the server.

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Data Management System SR::x: About

Main Components

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Visualization Solution


Data Interfacing System


Excel Add-In System

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Data Visualization

The convenient data visualization system SR::xVis supports the display of any number of times series in diagrams and the display of data in process images. Attention can be drawn to limit value breaches with text or color changes. Times in diagrams can be visualized and evaluated in any desired manner using the cursor. The data can also be dragged directly from a process image and dropped into a diagram.

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A Complete Solution by Iqony Solutions GmbH

SR::Suite offers a series of software solutions to power plant operators to run their plant efficiently. From performance monitoring to the monitoring of life span of thick-walled components that exposed to high temperature and pressure, SR::Suite helps to reduce downtime of the plants and improve plant performance significantly. The bridge between our System Technologies with plant data information is SR::x, our Data Management System.

Data Management System SR::x: About

Owing to a centralized data management system, you can store existing measurement data in long-term archives, greatly simplify data analysis, and standardize your reporting processes.

Converting Process Data into Valuable Information

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