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Power Plant Performance Monitoring

Data told us everything

You have to find the problem in order to fix it. Performance monitoring continuously monitor the plant and helps to identify plant issues by using plant data and system technologies. An inefficient plant equipment could be costly and if the plant rectify the issue, the monetary savings can be calculated and shown to the management.

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Online Performance Monitoring

Large Screen

Real-Time Monitoring

The power plant industry in SEA is moving towards digitalization, more and more power plant is going for online performance monitoring instead of seeking for consultants to do this task. In this context, EES Consultants is honored to represent STEAG Energy Services GmbH in Malaysia and Singapore. SR::EPOS, STEAG's online performance monitoring system was installed in a lot of power plants around the world. The digital twin of the plant will be simulated in minutes and results will be populated in DCS screen. Any abnormalities in plant will be shown in real-time with traffic-light system (Red:Alert, Orange:Warning, Green:Normal).

Offline Performance Monitoring

Market Analysis

Monthly Approach

EES Consultants will receive plant data every month to conduct performance analysis and will notify plant personnel if found any abnormalities in the plant. Quarterly report will be provided and quarterly meeting with all the Head of Department and management will be conducted to discuss on the plant situation.

Build In-House Performance Team

Adult Education Course

Groom own people

Our consultant will train your engineers to conduct performance monitoring and hand-hold them for a couple of energy audit reports. In the end of the project, these engineers should be able to conduct performance analysis independently. This approach is more suitable for clients with several power plants to be monitored.

Performance Monitoring: Services

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