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EEOA for New Ventures

New ventures must conduct an EEOA during the facility design phase. This assessment aims to identify economically feasible energy efficiency improvement opportunities. Additionally, new ventures should install instruments to monitor and report the energy performance of key energy-consuming systems, which account for at least 80% of the facility's total energy consumption, based on measured data in their annual usage report.

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Rationale for Conducting EEOA

Energy Efficiency at Design Phase. 
Why is it Important?

During the facility design phase, there are many chances for synergies in system design, especially in the early stages before finalizing choices. As design progresses, changing initial decisions becomes more costly and complex, often requiring a redesign of components. Later modifications have less impact on EE improvements and come with higher costs. Therefore, prioritizing EE early in the design process is crucial.

The graph shows how energy-saving potential decreases over the project lifecycle as investment costs for energy savings increase.

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The EEOA requirements for new ventures is meant to ensure companies identify opportunities for EE improvements and consider them early for incorporation into the facility design.

Designing a facility to be energy and resource efficient can reduce:

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Capital Cost of the Systems

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Operating Cost

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Maintenance Cost of The Systems

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Key Elements of EEOA Process

Identify EEOs

  • Identification are made during Concept Engineering, considering optimum methods or processes and alternative technology choices

  • Identification for energy-consuming system, as calculated in FEED Stage

Evaluate Feasibility

Feasibility of implementing each EEO identified are assessed based on:

  • Financial metrics

  • Other metrics - e.g., annual carbon emissions

Shortlist Feasible EEOs

  • Incorporation of the shortlisted EEOs into final design

  • Calculation of energy and GHG savings from each EEO incorporated

Incorporate Opportunities Into Design

  • Facility details - e.g., expected annual energy consumption, specific energy consumption (SEC), and annual GHG emissions

  • Energy consuming system details - e.g., projected annual consumption, SEC, and annual GHG emissions

Details of EEOA process for new ventures are available on NEA's website

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Your Efficiency Guide

EES consistently supports our clients throughout their energy efficiency improvement projects. We are committed to assisting our clients with future EEOA submissions.
Explore more about EEOA here:

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