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Power Plant Energy Audit

Quantify & Qualify Maintenance Effort

EES offers comprehensive assistance to power plants by providing pre and post-energy audits during major overhauls. These audits serve to assess the effectiveness of maintenance activities carried out during planned shutdowns. Typically, clients approach EES several months in advance of a scheduled shutdown to evaluate their plant's current condition and pinpoint essential components in need of attention. The post-energy audit seeks to confirm the resolution of identified plant issues and measure the resulting enhancements in overall plant and individual component energy efficiency.

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Industrial Energy Audit

Energy Savings and Carbon Abatement Opportunities

EES specializes in conducting industrial plant walkthroughs and in-depth energy audits. These audits are meticulously designed to uncover energy-saving opportunities and recommend equipment retrofitting, operational excellence, and maintenance optimization. The assessment process enables the quantification of plant enhancements, improved operational efficiency, and substantial financial savings. Moreover, it encompasses GHG emission quantification and opportunities for reduction.

In addition, EES offers valuable support in securing grants for the implementation of retrofitting and energy optimization projects in Singapore and Malaysia. For example, the Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG) from NEA and Enterprise Singapore and the Energy Audit Conditional Grant for Industrial (EACG) from SEDA, Malaysia.

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Energy Audit

Under the 'Environmental' pillar of ESG, energy is a critical component in assessing an organization's performance. This includes evaluating overall facility energy consumption, implementing energy efficiency measures, and identifying energy savings opportunities.

A comprehensive assessment of the energy profile of the facilities can significantly enhance operational performance and reduce emissions.

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By focusing on energy management and implementing energy efficiency measures, organizations can achieve significant benefits:

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Carbon Footprint

Lower Carbon Footprint

Operational Cost Savings

Operational Cost Savings


Improve Sustainability & Energy Savings

How Can EES Help?

An energy assessment provides organizations with a comprehensive overview of their facility's energy profile. To guide you in improving energy efficiency, EES offers the following services:

Operational Cost Savings
Energy Improvement

Energy Gap Analysis

By comprehensively assessing your facilities and operations, EES helps identify areas and opportunities for further improvements in energy efficiency and emissions reduction.

Energy Performance Improvement

EES offers expert guidance and support to organizations aiming to enhance their facility's energy performance, including tailored recommendations for energy efficiency improvements and savings measures.

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