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Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessment (EEOA)

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Energy Efficiency for Industrial Sector

Established by the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore, EEOA is a systematic approach to identify economically viable energy efficiency opportunities (EEOs), serving as the foundation for achieving sustained improvement rates in energy efficiency.

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EEOA Requirements

Mandatory Energy Management Practices

EEOA for Registered Corporations

A registered corporation under the Energy Conservation Act (ECA) is obligated to conduct an EEOA for each relevant business activity within its operational control.

For Energy-Intensive Facilities with an energy consumption of
≥ 500TJ/year:

  • The first EEOAs must be submitted by 2021.

  • Subsequent EEOAs and report submissions are required within 6 years from the end of the current EEOA.

For Energy-Intensive Facilities with an energy consumption of 54 - 500TJ/year:

  • The first EEOAs must be submitted by 2021.

  • Upon receiving a notice of assessment from NEA, a subsequent EEOA must be conducted, and the report submitted within 6 years from the date of the notice.​

*The information provided above is based on details available on NEA's website.

EEOA for New Ventures

An owner of a New Venture (a new business activity or a major expansion of any existing business activity) facility, must submit an EEOA report under the following conditions:

  • Planning Permission (PP) to URA is applied on or after 1st October 2018

  • The business activity is conducted at a single site and falls within specific industry sectors:
    - Manufacturing and manufacturing related services
    - Supply of electricity, gas, steam, compressed air, and chilled water for air-conditioning;
    - Water supply and sewage, and waste management

  • Estimated annual energy consumption of the New Venture is
    ≥ 54 TJ.

*The information provided above is based on details available on NEA's website.

Harnessing our deep expertise in energy management and compliance with the NEA requirements, we focus on delivering impactful solutions for the industrial sector.
Contact us for more details on EEOA requirements.

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EES's Footprints in EEOA Services

Unlocking Efficiency, Powering Sustainability 

The very first  round of EEOA upon EEOA enforcement by NEA was successfully concluded on 31st December 2021, enabling our clients to meet the Energy Conservation Act (ECA)'s requirements. However, our commitment goes beyond this milestone.

  • Industry Pioneers: With a proven track record, EES has been at the forefront of driving energy efficiency in the industrial sector

  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of NEA requirements with EES services that ensure your operations align seamlessly with regulations.

  • Sustainable Impact: Beyond regulations, EES is committed to creating a positive impact on the environment through responsible energy management

EES consistently assist our clients throughout the entire process of their energy efficiency improvement projects. We are dedicated to supporting our clients in future EEOA submissions. For New Venture projects, we guide clients through EEOA and assist in submitting the report during the Planning Permission stage.

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Measurement & Verification (M&V)

EEOA and M&V: Text
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Achieve Operational Excellence with M&V Services

M&V is the systematic process of planning, measuring, collecting, and analyzing data to verify and report energy savings within a facility resulting from the implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs).

It quantifies various savings, including electricity and natural gas consumption, carbon emissions, water usage, and may involve other utilities. M&V is a reliable method to determine the efficiency improvements achieved through the application of EEMs.

EEOA and M&V: About Us

Our Comprehensive M&V Services

Acknowledging the distinct requirements of every project, EES employ a tailored approach to M&V. Starting from the initial assessment, through plan development, and up to post-implementation analysis, our services are crafted to integrate seamlessly with your operational framework.

M&V Plan Development

  • Strategic Roadmap:
    EES formulates a detailed M&V plan, delineating a strategic roadmap for implementation.

  • IPMVP Compliance:
    M&V plans developed adhere to IPMVP standards, ensuring precision in defining system boundaries and measurement protocols.

Pre-M&V Assessment

  • Baseline Assessment: 
    EES conduct a comprehensive pre-M&V assessment to establish a performance baseline for your facility, pinpointing key areas for enhancement.

  • Data Collection Strategy:
    Tailoring to your facility's specifications, our engineer develop a robust data collection strategy, ensuring precise and comprehensive information for subsequent analysis.

Post-M&V Analysis

  • Performance Evaluation:
    Upon completion of the implementation phase, a thorough post-M&V analysis is undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies that have been put into action.

EEOA and M&V: Projects

Proven Results

Why Opt for EES Consultants?

  • End-to-End Services: EES offers seamless, end-to-end M&V services

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of the power plant and industrial sector.

  • Precision System Boundaries: In performing M&V services, EES employs the guidelines of the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP), ensuring a precise definition of system boundaries for a comprehensive overview of your facility's performance.

EEOA and M&V: Text

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Contact us to explore how our comprehensive EEOA and M&V services can elevate the
performance of your facility.

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